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Why Lundberg?

Multipurpose Lundberg is a machine with excellent mobility, productive and environmentally friendly.


Lundberg is a powerful, fast, and agile machine with remarkable mobility in narrow places and on rough terrain. The machine's articulated steering and oscillating middle make it possible to manoeuvre the machine in a safe and effective manner on all kinds of terrain. The fast driving speed makes travelling between different work sites during the workday possible.



Lundberg has been built and developed to be able to be used with a variety of different work attachments. The versatile Lundberg can be used in many different work environments. With its advanced hydraulics and steering system, it is able to handle the most challenging and tough work situations. With Lundberg, you can use several work attachments simultaneously, attached to the loader, to the rear lift or tilting device, on top of the engine hood, or towed behind the machine.



Lundberg can do the job of several machines simultaneously. The fast driving speed and the advanced hydraulics result in high productivity. With Lundberg, you can perform more tasks with fewer machines and use them all year round.



Comfort and ergonomics

Lundberg offers fantastic comfort and ergonomy for the driver. The cabin is placed on the front frame, which offers the driver excellent visibility. The cabin is quiet and well-isolated and the engine runs quietly for the driver's comfort. The placing of the controls and the steering has been carefully considered for maximum ergonomy.

The machine can easily adapt to different driving styles, tasks and attachments thanks to a smart pre-programmable control system, making it possible for the driver to concentrate on the work, and for the owner/client to know the job will be performed to the highest standard.


Environmental sustainability

Productivity and focus on the environment go hand in hand. Using Lundberg means reducing your negative environmental impact. A Lundberg machine can do the job of many machines, which results in

  • fewer emissions
  • less noise pollution and
  • a direct positive impact on nature and urban environments.

Check out Lundberg models!

Lundberg 4150/4250 Lundberg 5250 Lundberg 6250 Lundberg 8250

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