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The construction and maintenance of railways and their related infrastructure requires versatile, safe and efficient equipment. At the same time the equipment needs to be capable of operating under extreme conditions and intense time pressure.

A multipurpose Lännen 8800M, equipped with Lännen Rail Systems, is a versatile, heavy-duty road–rail machine for works in and around railways.

A Lännen railway machine can be equipped with an aerial work platform and a loader crane for the construction and maintenance of electrified railway lines. A Lännen is the smartest and the most multipurpose choice for the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure, stations and service areas throughout the year.

By using one single multipurpose Lännen road–rail machine, you can carry out work in and around railways from start to finish. It is a smart and sustainable choice that helps to decrease harmful impacts on the environment. At the same time it helps to exhaust emissions and the noise level, as well as reduce road traffic nuisance and adverse impacts on the landscape.

With the machine’s low ground pressure, it does not leave imprints on railway banks, the terrain or the road network. The Lännen is the most economical option on the market, with the highest sustainability.

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Main features

Rail wheels

Lännen Rail Systems come with an intelligent height control system for the rail wheel units. You can choose either rail wheel driven (Category 9A) or with rubber-tyre drive (Category 9C), where the traction and braking are provided through the road wheels directly contacting the railhead.

RCI/RCL-rated capacity control

Lännen Rail Systems are equipped with the RCI/RCL safety system, which meets the strict stipulations on safety and required inspections according to the standard EN 15746-1/2. This is valid in the railway areas.

Electrified railways

Together with Lännen Line Systems, the Lännen road–rail machine is a perfect choice for the construction and maintenance of electrified railway lines. The maximum operation height of the high-reach Lännen L1900 areal work platform is 19 meters.

Loader crane

A front loader–mounted loader crane is available both with or without workman basket preparation. It multiplies the year-round versatility of the Lännen for the construction and maintenance of the railway infrastructure.


Easily and quickly on and off the tracks

The articulated steering and frame oscillation of the Lännen deliver high levels of manoeuvrability and performance, even on the roughest terrain.

Its large rubber tyres and differential locks on the axles, as well as its hydrostatic transmission, also guarantee excellent and precisely controlled mobility in confined places and tough conditions.

The multipurpose Lännen can be easily and quickly driven on and off the railway tracks at any location without the need for level crossings or other designated crossing points.


One machine for multiple tasks

The multipurpose Lännen road–rail machine can use a wide range of robust and powerful work attachments such as:

  • railway sleeper replacers and sleeper layers
  • tamping aggregates
  • mulchers and flail mowers
  • rotary brooms
  • snow blowers
  • cable reelers.

The Lännen replaces separate auxiliary machines, such as wheeled excavators, track lorries, aerial work platforms and loader cranes, work trains and line installation wagons. A trailer for the transportation of various tools, accessories or tool containers can also be hitched to this versatile machine.


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