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Amphibious multipurpose Watermaster cleaner, safer and better functioning waters

With fewer machines and less money - The Amphibious Multipurpose Watermaster does the work of many conventional machines.

We need to keep our waters in good condition 

Clean and healthy rivers and lakes, safe canals and industrial ponds, enjoyable urban waterbodies and well-functioning waterways are essential for our wellbeing.

Yet many of these crucial waters are in a bad shape: massive eutrophication, water pollution, excessive siltation, devastating floods and harmful invasive aquatic vegetation cause severe problems around the world. We need active restoration, maintenance and development work to fix this. By using smart and mobile multipurpose technology we can achieve cleaner, safer and better functioning waters with fewer machines and less costs. This is why we develop and supply the amphibious multipurpose Watermasters.


It is smart to do more with less by using mobile multipurpose technology

Multipurpose Watermaster cleans and maintains waterways by dredging, it removes trash and invasive aquatic vegetation by excavating and raking and it develops riverbanks and seashores by pile driving. Watermaster is a self-propelled fully amphibious vessel. It can reach and operate in difficult sites that are hard or impossible for conventional machinery to handle. With Watermaster, you need fewer machines for work. This saves the environment, money and time.


Watermasters improve aquatic environments around the world

The first Watermaster was launched in 1986 and we have systematically developed the excellent concept ever since. We are proud to say, that nowadays Watermasters help keeping rivers, lakes, canals and other shallow waterbodies in good condition in over 70 countries worldwide. 

For more information please visit www.watermaster.fi   


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