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Lännen Tractors Oy is part of the LMCE Group (Lännen Mobile Construction Equipment Group), which is an international supplier of smart and mobile multipurpose solutions. Lännen Tractors Oy developes, markets and manufactures multifunctional machines that are capable of continuous operation and perform variety of tasks related to the construction and maintenance of our living environment.

Our machines are independent in many respects: superior mobility allows them to move from one work site to another or within a site - regardless of the terrain. Our products help our customers to increase their productivity and improve machine utilization - with lower costs and lower environmental impact. We offer our customer's solutions and services that go beyond the life cycle of a multipurpose machine.

We offer an efficient and high-quality solutions for industrial machine manufacturing for our contract manufacturing customers. Our ODM services include functions from the product design to the delivery of ready assembled and inspected machines. In the OEM operating model, we will manufacture eg. frame structures, procure components and final assemble machines or subassemblies according to the customer's needs.

Our working model is customer-oriented. We will take care of the needs and requirements of our customers in the offered products and services. We are committed to the cost efficiency, high quality, and timeliness in our operations to ensure our customers’ profitable operations.

We will emphasize the continuous development in our daily based operations. We will achieve our goals by identifying and meeting customers’ needs and anticipating their requirements for the future. We will create added value to our customers’ businesses by delivering high-quality, environmentally friendly and user and product -safe customer solutions.

We are committed to the principle of continuous improvement and we also regularly evaluate our processes and operations. We will recognize the environmental impact of our operations, regulations, and laws that obliges our operations and we are committed to the requirements set by them.

We will develop our professional skills through educations and training with the aim of the best know-how in the industry. We will invest for our well-being and motivation of our employees with the goal of efficient, high-quality, and profitable operations. The company's management is committed to creating the conditions for the staff to achieve flawless work and operational quality.

We will inform our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders about our business policy and favor companies that are committed to comply it.


Loimaa, 8/18/2023
Veli Ollila 
Managing Director
Lännen Tractors Oy