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LMCE Group

Building a better world with fewer machines

We believe that with smart and mobile multipurpose solutions we can achieve a cleaner, safer and better functioning environment with fewer machines and costs. This is what drives our work.

We believe in doing more with less.

We develop and supply solutions that help you to increase your productivity and responsibility for the environment with an uncompromising level of versatility and mobility.

LMCE Group (Lännen Mobile Construction Equipment Group) is an international provider of smart and mobile multipurpose solutions. We create machines that do different tasks and operate continuously. Our machines are independent in many ways: superior mobility allows the machines to move from one work site to the next, around the work site and over all terrain types. This enables our customers to stay in control of their processes. We bring flexibility to your operations. And we help you to increase your productivity and fleet utilisation, while reducing costs and environmental impact.

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We provide smart and mobile multipurpose solutions for tough conditions:

LMCE Group incorporates in Finland:

In Sweden: 

  • Lännen MCE AB (Jönköping and Skellefteå)