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New 4-axis mini joysticks
as an option!

Lännen M-models
are now available

Maximum comfort with minimum emissions.

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We are looking for new dealers who share our values and passion for building a better world with fewer machines.

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Multipurpose Lännen more than a backhoe loader

The smartest and the most versatile choice for infrastructure and public works, municipal engineering and urban maintenance.



Designed to be versatile — built to last

We design machines for your ease-of-use and with effectiveness in mind. One multipurpose Lännen is capable of tasks which traditionally have required several machine types to accomplish. Lännen's solid, heavy-duty structure, powerful and versatile hydraulic system make it possible to use a wide range of robust and powerful attachments on both the loader and backhoe.

Inspired by the tough Nordic conditions. Designed and manufactured in Finland, the home of Lännen.


Keeping you on track to efficiency

The multipurpose Lännen provides smart productivity through first-class versatility and mobility.

With Lännen, you can cover a wide variety of applications throughout the year. It is smooth and safe to drive both on the roughest terrain and on the highway, as well as in densely populated areas and confined spaces.

The excellent overall economy of Lännen is a part of our high contribution to a sustainable development. With multipurpose Lännen, you can achieve more with less.


Watch the video — how Lännen multipurpose backhoe loader  works?

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Lännen 8600M Lännen 8700M Lännen 8800M

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We help you to increase your productivity and responsibility for the environment. Please consult our sales professionals for more information.

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Services & Support

Keep your machine up and running with our support and service solutions.

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Spare parts

Our team is dedicated to ensuring you get the right parts at the right time and place.

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