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Urban maintenance

High-level versatility and environmentally friendly

A clean, safe, and comfortable functional living environment is the foundation of well-being.

Environmental and property management in urban areas are an important part of the year-round maintenance of our living environment. However, both public and private sector maintenance resources are limited. Therefore it is important to target them as wisely as possible. It is important that the machines used in maintenance tasks are as versatile and environmentally friendly as possible when it comes to resource efficiency and environmental load.

We believe that our smart, highly mobile and multipurpose Lundberg and Lännen machines will help increase the efficiency of environmental management and maintenance of urban areas without compromising our environmental responsibility. They can be used to perform the work of many separate machines from beginning to end, regardless of the season.

The simultaneous use of front and rear work equipment, or the successive work phases done with a single work equipment attachment, are examples of the features and benefits of our multipurpose machines. The number of machine units can be reduced, resulting in more efficient procurement and fleet management. At the same time, the year-round usage rate of machines, and thus productivity, are improved.

Typical tasks include:

  • Various snow works, such as plowing, brushing, blowing, and snow transfer loading
  • Prevention of slippage, e.g. by sanding, salting, roughening, or removing the hard compressed snow layer
  • Brushing away sand, leaves, and debris
  • Removing fine dirt and dust by washing
  • Management of green areas
  • Mowing and cutting the grass and brush on roadside
  • Various lifting, loading, and unloading work, mass transfers and levelling

Read more about how the Lundberg and the Lännen multipurpose machines help increase the productivity of environmental management and property maintenance while reducing the environmental load caused by these activities.