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Infrastructure and public works

Productivity and efficiency 

Infrastructure construction, public works and municipal engineering require rolling stock that can handle several different types of work. 

The resources reserved for the maintenance and construction of our living environment are limited. It is in everyone's interest to use them as wisely as possible. Additionally, our awareness of the environmental impacts of our activities is constantly increasing. 

We believe that the multipurpose Lännen and Lundberg machines will help increase efficiency without compromising our environmental responsibility. They can be used to perform the work of many separate machines from beginning to end, regardless of the season. The number of machine units can be reduced, which increases the efficiency of fleet management and site procurement. At the same time, the year-round usage rate of machines, and thus productivity, are improved.

Typical applications include:

  • District heating, natural gas, water supply, rainwater, and sewer work
  • Construction of roads and streets, urban maintenance
  • Construction and maintenance of traffic signs as well as road and street lighting
  • Construction and maintenance of parks, green areas, sports, and recreational areas
  • Construction and maintenance of parking infrastructure
  • Bridge and tunnel construction
  • Construction and maintenance of terminals and harbour areas
  • New construction and renovation sites
  • Construction and maintenance of the electricity and telecommunications network – both underground and overground cabling work 
  • Maintenance and construction of railway infrastructure and station and service areas 

Learn how the multipurpose Lännen and Lundberg machines help increase productivity and year-round resource efficiency, taking environmental values and sustainable development into account.