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Why Lännen?

Choosing the right machine can boost the efficiency of the operations. Here are 5 reasons why to choose Lännen Multipurpose heavy-duty backhoe loader.


One Multipurpose Lännen can perform all the tasks of many different machine types in

  • infrastructure and public works
  • municipal engineering
  • urban maintenance
  • construction and maintenance of electricity distribution and communication networks, railways and related infrastructure. 

The solid, heavy-duty structure of the machine and its powerful and versatile hydraulic system together with fast tool changing make it possible to use a wide range of robust and power-intensive attachments.

Multipurpose Lännen is capable of multitasking with work tools attached to both the loader and backhoe. It can carry out successive tasks with a single set of work tools simply by changing the driving direction. This multiplies the versatility and productivity of Lännen to a completely unbeatable level.



Articulated steering and frame oscillation deliver high levels of maneuverability and performance even in the roughest terrain. Lännen is a powerful, fast, and agile multipurpose machine built for heavy-duty work.

The multipurpose Lännen can move quickly and safely from one work site to another without transportation on a trailer. Its excellent maneuverability and versatility increase productive working hours and lessen the burden on the environment. All machines have both front and rear drive controls as standard.



Excellent mobility and versatility of the Multipurpose Lännen heavy-duty backhoe loader means increased productivity for the consignee and the contractor.

A single Multipurpose Lännen machine can meet all the needs of the work site from the beginning to the end. It replaces the need for multiple machine types. This reduces the costs significantly.

Number of the fleet machines can be reduced, which improves the fleet management and procurement activities of the sites. At the same time, both the year-round utilization of the fleet and productivity will be increased.


Comfort and

The working environment of the operator is spacious and low-noise with excellent all-round visibility. The ergonomic, operator-friendly cab enables the operator to control the machine easily and safely. The 10" touchscreen is clear and easy to use. Its high capacity heater and climate control ensures a pleasant working temperature. 

Steering column, with two articulated joints and height adjustment, provides a pleasant driving position. The seat swivels freely, and its sturdy armrests are easy to adjust. The control panel, which is located beside the armrest, includes switches for the most important functions of the machine.


Environmental sustainability

Productivity and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. By using the Multipurpose Lännen from start to finish in your project, your operation has a much lower impact on the environment:

  • decreased exhaust emissions
  • decreased noise levels
  • less disruption to traffic and residential or urban areas
  • lower impact on the landscape and environment 
The Multipurpose Lännen meets the highest Best Available Technology (BAT) standards.

Download brochure: M-Models ready for heavy duty

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