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Lundberg 6250

Lundberg 6255 is the ideal machine for all kinds of work. It is fast, strong and agile, and it can handle the work of both big and small machines in all types of terrain.

Lundberg 6250

Lundberg 6255 is a perfect choice for example for

Snow ploughing and sanding

Lawn mowing and mulching

Sweeping and collecting

Pressure washing and cleaning


Comfortable and
Easy to operate

All stages of the work can be accomplished using one single machine. The changing of the tools is done quickly, and the machine travels rapidly and safely from one work site to the next. A very quiet cabin gives it extra operating comfort.

The range of products comprises five machine models and a comprehensive range of accessories.


Multipurpose Lundberg –  fast, agile and powerful

Machines that are suitable for the maintenance of properties and environmental services throughout the year. These machines, which can withstand heavy loading, are very reliable and have well-proven components.


Technical information: Lundberg 6255

  • Engine

    •   Deutz TCD 3,6 L4 f, Stage 5
      Output (DIN) 105 kW (142 hp)/2300 rpm
      Torque 550 Nm/1600 rpm
  • High speed transmission

    • Hydrostatic, variable displacement pump and motor.   
      Mechanical transport gear with electric control.  
      Gears forward/backward 4/4
      Max. tractive force 53,1 kN
      Speed 0 - 50 km/h
  • Hydraulic system

    • Load-sensing operating hydraulics with electric pilot control.  
      Pump with variable displacement, double-acting hydraulic  
      motor functions with individually adjustable flow.  
      Maximum flow of hydraulic oil 290 l/min (2300 rpm)
      Operating pressure 22 Mpa
  • Frame

    • Articulated steering and oscillating frame.  
      Max. steering angle ± 43 °
      Max. oscillation angle  ± 17 °
  • Wheels

    • As standard 420/65R24
      As option 460/65R24
  • Brakes

    • Hydraulic power-assisted brakes in oil bath on both front and
      rear axles. Electro-hydraulic parking brake on the rear axle.

  • Electric system

    • Voltage 12 V
      Alternator 200 A
  • Measurements and weight

    • Height 2290-2405 mm
      Width (between the outer flanks of the tyres)  1920 mm
      Turning radius (inside/outside wheels) 2185 mm/4345 mm
      Capacity of the fuel tank 100 l
      Capacity of the AdBlue tank 10 l
      Weight without work attachments 5500 - 6500 kg
  • Loader

    • Lifting height 3580 mm

Download brochure: Lundberg 55-series

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