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The new 55-series is out!

Multipurpose Lundberg more than a wheel loader

A Nordic multipurpose tool carrier for demanding needs of municipal and urban maintenance, facilities management, infrastructure and public works.



We are constantly improving the best

The new 55 series provides many features and improvements to an already proven machine. Many of the new features are invisible on the outside but improve the machine's usability and comfort.

Improvements that our users have requested, and we have listened. Thanks to you, over 100 Improvements make the Lundberg 55-series the best tool carrier available.


How to choose the right Lundberg

Need for power and weight are the first factors to consider when choosing a model. Larger attachements and tools need more weight from the machine and some require more power than others.

Maximum size allowed by enviroment is another thing to consider. Smaller machines have tighter turning radiuses and can work in narrower and lower places. Also, a too large machine will consume more fuel than a smaller one while performing the same tasks due to larger weight.

But perhaps the most important thing to consider is the additional possibilities offered by each model. The descision should not be made only with current needs. When future needs and contract opportunities are taken into account, then the investment is more profitable through the differnt seasons and years to come.


Why Lundberg is the best choice

Lundberg is the original compact tool carrier. We have the best exprience and knowledge of the various requirements these machines have to meet. We have designed our machines to work in every condition and weather the year has to offer.

A machine is an investment, and investments have to be safe for the years to come. Well designed machine built with high quality components, comprehensive maintenance plans, optional extended warranties gives the owner peace of mind and safety.

With the driver in focus, all Lundbergs are compact, comfortable, quiet, fast and agile machines that are a joy to work with.



SMART Cloud connects your machine to a team of professionals that help you make the most of your machine. They can see maintenance needs and react faster to solve minor issues and avoid costly extra visits to service and repair shops.

SMART Cloud records all activity and movement. It can display history and real-time data in a web browser that you can access on any device, anywhere, anytime.


All machines need regular maintenance to operate reliably all year around. The SMART Serve maintenance contract signed in connection with the purchase of the machine ensures fixed periodic maintenance costs and the optimal operation of the machine.

Only OEM parts are used for maintenance, so you can be sure that your machine works as planned and fulfils all regulations. The SMART Serve maintenance plan can be purchased for new and used machines.


The SMART Care extended warranty secures your investment, protects you from unexpected repair costs, and provides peace of mind and carefree ownership.

Our standard warranty is 2 years or 2000 hours, but with SMART Care you can extend it to 5 years or 5000 hours.

SMART Care can be acquired with a new machine, or before the standard warranty expires.


Download brochure: Lundberg 55-series

Want to hear more? Request our sales to contact you with a quote or more details!


We help you to increase your productivity and responsibility for the environment. Please consult our sales professionals for more information.

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