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The City of Kemijärvi & Lännen 8800M - Unmatched Performance

The City of Kemijärvi & Lännen 8800M - Unmatched Performance

The City of Kemijärvi has been utilizing Lännen multipurpose machines for several decades now – and hardly any other machines have been used in the process. Skilled operators make the most out of these machines year-round, and there hasn't been a need to consider alternatives.

In November 2023, the city of Kemijärvi received a new Lännen 8800M multipurpose machine, and the newcomer didn't waste any time wondering what to do. By the end of February 2024, the machine had already accumulated 500 hours, indicating its significant usage. This is evident from the fact that a Lännen with 20,000 hours of usage was traded in for this new model. This new addition isn't the city's first encounter with Lännen machines.

- We've had them since the 1980s, and practically always two units at a time says supervisor Aleksi Säynäjäkangas from the city of Kemijärvi. This remains the case today, with another Lännen, an 8800K model acquired around five years ago, serving alongside.


Upon its arrival in November 2023, the new Lännen 8800M multipurpose machine swiftly integrated into the city of Kemijärvi's operations. By the end of February 2024, it had already logged 500 hours of active service, a testament to its immediate and significant usage. Notably, this machine replaced a Lännen model with 20,000 hours of operation, showcasing the city's ongoing reliance on Lännen equipment. This latest addition continues Kemijärvi's longstanding partnership with Lännen machines, further solidifying their trust in the brand.


As for other equipment – what other machines are there besides these two Lännen multipurpose machines?

- There isn't any other equipment; these have been sufficient. There's one truck in addition to these, says Säynäjäkangas, providing a somewhat surprising fact.

No wheel loaders, no excavators, no tractors. It must have a stimulating effect on contractors, wouldn't it?

- We rarely need to outsource contracting; during the summer, all municipal maintenance work is done with our own Lännen equipment, including stormwater work, ditch cleaning, mowing, road construction, and various construction support tasks, Aleksi lists.

Winter is a bit more challenging in the north, so not every place can be reached by two machines when it comes to maintaining the extensive city area. The farthest locations for the Lännen backhoe loaders are about 45 kilometers away.

- During winter, we plow as much as our personnel and equipment resources allow, and the rest is bought from contractors, says Säynäjäkangas.


The City of Kemijärvi has successfully utilized Lännen machines for both summer and winter tasks, maintaining a fleet size of three units - comprising two Lännen machines and one truck.


Almost Always Lännen machine

According to Aleksi Säynäjäkangas, the cost savings brought about by Lännen machines have never been specifically calculated by the city of Kemijärvi, but the overall economic efficiency is very satisfactory.

Consequently, there hasn't been a need to replace the two multipurpose machines.

- We've always had Lännen machines, and we've felt that they're the right equipment for our operations. We've saved money by needing fewer external contractors.

Two machines have also been found to be the right amount for year-round operation. If separate types of machines were used for the same tasks, many more units would likely be needed.

- We've managed well with these in summer and winter work, and these machines have allowed us to keep the fleet size at three units – two Lännen machines and one truck, Aleksi states.

No other alternatives have been considered since the first Lännen machine arrived.

- We have been using Lännen backhoe loaders since the 1980s. We've found that they work for us, and we haven't seen a need to acquire other machines.


Aleksi Säynäjäkangas reflects on the satisfaction of the drivers, noting how the machine has evolved to meet their needs perfectly, encapsulating the positive user experiences.


Efficient Hours with Lännen Year-Round 

In northern conditions, Lännen machines have demonstrated their effectiveness and increasingly, their comfort of use as well.

In a city with such a long history with Lännen, the development of machines has been noticed – although not every model has been acquired due to long replacement intervals.

- The machines work in every season, but of course, you can't and shouldn't go to work in really severe cold, Aleksi Säynäjäkangas says.

- The drivers have been satisfied; the machine has changed a lot again, and it's just the way we wanted, he summarizes user experiences.

Currently, both machines are in high use, as evidenced by the hours accumulated by the newest machine in a short time. These hours have also been efficient, as it's clear that skilled, experienced operators make the most out of the machines. But are such operators easy to find?

- Getting skilled operators for these specific machines can be challenging, but we have two experienced drivers who then train new drivers, says Säynäjäkangas, satisfied with the situation.

And although Loimaa is far from Kemijärvi, the distance hasn't had a weakening effect on the cooperation between the manufacturer and the customer either.

- The cooperation with Lännen Tractors has been excellent from the order onwards. Communication has worked well. Likewise, maintenance and spare parts services work well here at the local repair shop, TunturiAuto. You can quickly get an appointment when needed, and we've been really satisfied with that, Aleksi Säynäjäkangas praises.

Lännen machines have firmly positioned themselves in the Kemijärvi landscape, but what would be the underlying reason that Aleksi would summarize for this?

- It's the fact that we can do a lot of different jobs with these – Lännen multipurpose machines have been a really big help for us.

"The cooperation with Lännen Tractors has been excellent from the order onwards. Communication has worked well. Likewise, maintenance and spare parts services work well here at the local repair shop, TunturiAuto. You can quickly get an appointment when needed, and we've been really satisfied with that."


In the challenging northern environment, Lännen machines have proven their efficiency and are now also recognized for their enhanced user comfort. With a rich history of using Lännen machines in Kemijärvi, the city has acknowledged the evolution of these machines, even though they haven't acquired every model due to longer replacement cycles.


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