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A machine for decades – Lännen 8700M

A machine for decades – Lännen 8700M


The City of Kuusamo has a long experience with Lännen multipurpose machines, and at the beginning of 2023, they started to extend it even further. The new Lännen 8700M came to continue the work of its predecessors, and it's not a summer job or a replacement, because it's going to be about two decades of work again.

The city of Kuusamo has used Lännen multipurpose machines throughout its existence. It suddenly sounds like a wild claim, but the explanation is that Kuusamo city was changed from a municipality to a city in 2000. A Lännen machine was already in use at that time, and since then the equipment has been updated at intervals deemed appropriate. Now Kuusamo's call has been answered by the city's third Lännen, so a quick calculation shows that the exchange interval was quite calm.

- The previous machine was a 2004 Lännen 860C, and it had 22 thousand hours, says Mikko Mustaniemi, maintenance, and construction foreman of the city of Kuusamo.

The faithfully served machine in question was still in perfect working condition, but sometimes it's good to update the equipment for the future as well.


The versatile Lännen 8700M multipurpose machine in Kuusamo City takes on countless tasks, from snow work and snow loading to road and park construction, as well as property maintenance work such as drainage, sewer, and cable works. It even takes care of maintaining outdoor trails within a 60-kilometer radius, which is of utmost importance in Kuusamo, where tourists actively enjoy outdoor activities.


Snowwork and moving quickly from job to job

A Lännen 8700M was delivered to Kuusamo City as a new machine, and it arrived in the middle of winter in February 2023. The newcomer was immediately able to get down to business, as snow work is Lännen 8700M's main business in this area.

- In the winter, the machine is used for snow work and snow loading in the built-up area, at other times the activities vary greatly. Then we do, for example, road and park construction, as well as construction work related to the city's properties, says Mikko Mustaniemi.

- These are, for example, drainage and sewer and cable works, he elaborates.

- In the summer there is such a mixed jumping from job to job, characterizes Jari Lämsä, who drives the machine today.

- Usually, we operate in this agglomeration, but sometimes there can be a transfer drive of up to 60 kilometers when doing something less common, for example, maintenance of outdoor trails, Lämsä continues.


Jari Lämsä, who has worked as a machine driver for nearly three decades in the city of Kuusamo, quickly adapted to the new and more efficient Lännen machine version's cabin.


Questions of habituation

Lämsä is one of two regular Lännen drivers for the city of Kuusamo and has done a long slice of this work.

- For almost 30 years, I have mainly driven these, Jari sums up.

How was the jump from the 860C controllers to the new 8700M?

- At first, you had to look at the buttons, but suddenly you started to remember them. Of course, the machine has changed a lot, and there are certainly still many features to be discovered, characterizes Lämsä.

- Of course, the power and speed have increased a lot, Jari says about the most noticeable changes to the machine.

On the other hand, you always have to get used to a new machine, and in two decades the shapes and dimensions of the machine have also changed a bit.

- Some visible areas may have become covered that you were used to seeing, for example, the exhaust pipe has grown due to emission levels. But these are just matters of getting used to them.

"Everything went smoothly, and the machine even arrived ahead of schedule. The machine was equipped with very comprehensive basic equipment, which should be enough for us to use again and again for a long tim."

lännen 8700M - A suitable combination

The size of the machine was chosen the 8700M, as it combines a sturdier front loader and a smaller backhoe excavating device familiar from the 8600M model. The size category is just right for city use.

- Nonetheless, the excavation work is reasonably light for us, says Jari Lämsä.

The larger backhoe excavating device of the larger 8800M model was therefore not deemed necessary. On the other hand, we wanted all possible benefits from the front loader, so that the smaller Lännen 8600M model ended up with the Lännen 8700M.

- We do a lot of snow loading, and at least with the previous machine, soil loading as well. That's why a powerful front loader and a high lifting height were important, says Mikko Mustaniemi.

With the 8700M model, the lifting height is 4150 mm, which is 32 centimeters more than in the smaller and agile 8600M sister. 


The new Lännen 8700M multipurpose machine in Kuusamo City is of utmost importance when it comes to snow loading and soil loading. That's why the powerful front loader and high lifting height were crucial factors in its acquisition.


Towards the 2040s with Lännen machine

The newly acquired Lännen 8700M is not only the largest and most versatile work machine in the city of Kuusamo but also the only actual digging machine. On the other hand, there is no other loader equipment either, if the city's property maintenance machines are not counted in the figures.

In other words, there are no normal-sized backhoe excavating devices or wheeled loaders in the line-up. Of course, subcontractors can be used for help, if necessary, but in the city's own daily work, Lännen 8700M has been found to be quite sufficient and thus also a cost-effective unit.

Kuusamo City has also been satisfied with the cooperation with Lännen Tractors, even though we rarely do business.

- Everything went smoothly, and the machine even arrived ahead of schedule. The machine was equipped with very comprehensive basic equipment, which should be enough for us to use again and again for a long time, says Mikko Mustaniemi.

- So, I guess this will take us for another twenty years, Lämsä and Mustaniemi state at the end.  


The newly acquired Lännen 8700M is not only the largest and most versatile work machine in the city of Kuusamo but also a multitasking powerhouse. This machine is not just for digging, it excels in performing various tasks. With a workload projected for the next twenty years, it follows in the footsteps of its reliable predecessor.



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