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Continuing the tradition - P&T Mäkelä's Lännen 8600M

Continuing the tradition - P&T Mäkelä's Lännen 8600M

It's not every day in Naantali, or at least not today, that the famous sun shines, but Mikko Mäkelä of Kaivuu ja kuljetus P & T Mäkelä, who starts work in Rymättylä, Naantali, is smiling. Midsummer is approaching, the Lännen 8600M arrived a few months ago, and work in the city of Naantali keeps the machine busy even today.

Naantali is not exactly basking in the sun today as it prepares for Midsummer, but let it go: the historic west coast town looks idyllic even on a day like this. One factor in building and maintaining this idyll is the long-established Rymättylä-based company Kaivuu ja kuljetus P & T Mäkelä, and the city has been getting to work with the Lännen machine for years.

- Grandpa bought a Lännen tractor-excavator for agricultural use, and from there it progressed to this, says Mikko Mäkelä, who is involved in the company's operation in the family's third generation.

- Nowadays, we run this together with my father and my little brother, says Mikko.

Father, Tero, and brother, Matias Mäkelä, are at other work sites with round rotating excavators. The city sites are currently being worked on with the new Lännen 8600M multipurpose machine, and it is already the fourth in the series of Lannen machines. The previous ones were i-, C-, and S-series of a similar size. Especially with the 8600i, the demand for city jobs has increased, and we are now on this path.


Kaivuu ja kuljetus P & T Mäkelä from Rymättylä has a long tradition of contributing to the construction and maintenance of idyllic City of Naantali, and the Lännen machine has been going to work in the city for years. 


A machine for increased utilization rate

- We had the C-machine for 15 years, but the i-machine we bought second-hand was only four years old, says Mikko.

- It's because when I joined the operation full-time and the machine started to work every day, we had to shorten the replacement interval, he continues.

- I've been working with these since I was little, and then when I got my driver's license, I was also able to go to construction sites independently, Mikko Mäkelä recounts his own Lännen history.

- And now I have inherited this grandfather’s role as a Lännen driver.


Mikko Mäkelä has been working on machines since he was a child. He has inherited his grandfather's Lännen driver role. The city of Naantali has had enough work for the skilled driver and the versatile Lännen backhoe loader. There are no problems with free time either because the days get longer with the other customers, who also need help with all kinds of tasks.


During the day, the City of Naantali's maintenance and servicing tasks employ the machine extensively.

- Naantali includes areas such as Velkua and Rymättylä, so the mobility of the machine is important, says Satu Lainio, the Deputy City Gardener responsible for maintenance management. This means that distances from the city center to the outskirts of the city can be 20-30 kilometers in each direction.

- The sites are often small, although there are of course occasionally large sites, such as last year's housing fair. We try to plan the work well in advance, says Lainio.

"Everything has been done with it, and the machine is used in the garden and greenery sector all the time. If we tried to employ the city's own excavator here in addition to its own work, it wouldn't have time to do everything. We have been really satisfied with this."

- Particularly for longer distances, we always try to get several sites on the same trip.

From the city's point of view, the Lännen multipurpose machine has been a welcome addition to its own wheeled excavator and tractors.

- Everything has been done with it, and the machine is used on the lawn work all the time. If we tried to employ the city's own excavator here in addition to its own work, it wouldn't have time to do everything, says Satu Lainio.

- We have been really satisfied with this, sums up Lainio. 


Mikko Mäkelä uses the Lännen multipurpose machine for snow removal, sanding, cleaning, earthmoving, wood cutting with an energy grab and whatever else is needed. On top of that, he can still use the machine to extend his day working for external customers when his day job in the city comes to an end.


The size was considered for a while, but not the brand.

Mikko Mäkelä lists the machine's tasks: various snow work and sand spreading, cleaning land construction, felling wood with an energy grapple, and whatever is needed at any time.

- In addition to this, the machine still has time to continue the day for external customers, when the day's work in the city ends at four o'clock, Mikko reminds.

In terms of size, the 8600M continues the proven line of previous machines.

- Yes, we thought about the 8700M model a lot, but in the end, we settled on this smallest model, says Mikko.

- The places are usually small in the work destinations, so the smaller the machine, the better, he says.

According to Mäkelä, it was not considered realistic to even think about an alternative brand machine, as the experiences speak for themselves.

- We've always done well with Lännen's team, they've always been there if and when needed. And if something breaks down, it takes an hour to Loimaa to get a spare part, Mikko lists the reason for the satisfaction.

- The attitude has been that the service does not end when the signed names are on the purchase document. There are no plans to change any brand here, Mikko acknowledges at the end, and goes on with the day and the company's tradition as usual - that is, on with the Lännen to the next job site.


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