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The new Lundberg 50-series with major innovations

The new Lundberg 50-series with major innovations

Lundberg unveiled their latest series of multipurpose machines early in the summer in Stockholm. The technological solutions and properties of machines in the  Lundberg 50-series have been significantly improved, and now the machines are fully prepared to meet the challenges of the future.



Throughout its history, Lundberg has been known as the pioneer and leading product developer of wheel loaders and multifunction loaders. In 2019, this tradition of continuing development of the machines is carried on by introduction of the new 50-series.
The Lundberg 6250 is the first of the new models to come out, but naturally also the models 4150/4250, 5250 and 8250 will soon be available, too. The 50-series features numerous innovations, which not only aim to reducing fuel consumption and emissions, but also improve the working efficiency and comfort of the machines. The scope of the development work has been huge.

- As a result, we are now introducing the most energy efficient machines on the market. They have increased performance but lower fuel consumption and emissions, says Jan Aspvik, product manager at Lännen Tractors Oy.


An engine well-prepared for the future

One of the biggest improvements involves the engine. The 5250, 6250 and 8250 models are now powered by 80 kW or 100 kW Deutz TCD 3.6 L4 engines, compliant with the EU requirements stage V, which also run on HVO biodiesel. In addition to the SCR catalyst, the engines are also equipped with a DPF particle filter, making them compliant also with the more stringent regulations set to enter in force in the future.

The engine itself is not new, but its cooling system has been taken to the next level by means of a reversible hydraulic fan. The fan controlled by the temperature sensors is independent of the engine revolutions, so the cooling effect can be controlled precisely as required. This reduces fuel consumption, improves cooling effect irrespective of the driving speed, accelerates warming up of the engine in cold weather, and also enables the radiator to be cleaned by changing the blowing direction. The new design of the engine compartment cover is truly maintenance friendly. It is made mainly from fibreglass, and it can be slid away from the engine completely, so that all the service points can be easily accessed.

Stronger, more durable and more economical

The machine's entire rear frame, and especially the articulated joint, have also been redesigned. The structure of the joint is now 30% stronger and has an all-new bearing construction. The steering force has increased by astonishing 60 per cent.

The axle construction is also stronger than before. In addition, the transmission and engine controls are now featuring an "eco" driving mode, which automatically helps maintain the achieved driving speed. This reduces unnecessary variation of the engine speed and, as a result, reduces the fuel consumption by up to 20%.


The peak hydraulic output of the 6250 model has increased to 290 litres per minute, and the hydraulic system is now controlled by a completely new touch screen. The new control system allows for up to six different profiles to be individually adapted to each work attachment and operator. These profiles enable you to customise several hydraulic properties depending, for example, on the machine's driving direction. In this way, the machine can be equipped with simpler and less expensive attachments and bring the added functionality, typical for more expensive equipment, by adjusting the machine's hydraulic system Also the steering speed of the machine can be easily adjusted from very slow to really fast and everything in between.

The geometry of the loader arm linkage has been redesigned and the maximum lifting height of the 6250 model is now 3580 millimetres. Also the forces of the machine have been increased a lot. The lifting capacity at the lowest point is now 57 kN , i.e 40% more than before. The capacity is 55 kN in the middle and 47 kN at the top.

Smooth and comfortable working

The operator's work has also been made easier by featuring a single-key system with immobiliser, an automatic parking brake, an optional camera system with a very comprehensive and wide field of view, and an extensive information database. In the event of a problem, the driver will now receive information about it on the machine's display. On the other hand, during normal operation, the display is very clear, showing exclusively the information needed at any given time.


The cabin is quieter than before, and thanks to the efficient vibration damping, even long work days will not cause any extra strain. The electric system has been boosted by applying a 200 amp generator. The optional fuel-driven heater and the de-frosting system for the new LEDs, which is a standard feature, make starting the work more pleasant in winter.

Lundberg 50-series

The 50-Series is a major upgrade to Lundberg's technological base and properties, through which the company prepares for meeting the future challenges. 

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