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Have you always wanted to know what kind of steps there is to produce a Lännen multipurpose machine? Now you have the opportunity to peek behind the scenes of machine making with the new #makingofLannen series.

On #makingofLannen page, you can get acquainted with the manufacturing stages of Lännen multipurpose machines at Lännen Tractors' factory in Loimaa.

The journey of the Lännen multipurpose machine to the customer is the result of the cooperation of many experts. In the series, we bring out a wide range of professionals in their field, such as welders, machinists, surface finishers, installers, electricians, etc. Together, they ensure that the customer can always be satisfied with the end result tailored to his or her job.

The site will be updated during the spring and summer. We'll let you know about the update via the social media channels, so please follow us on the channel you choose:

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Welcome to the virtual tour of Lännen Tractors factory!

Go to the #makingofLannen page


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