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Lännen 8800M – An apt tool for pitch boys

Lännen 8800M – An apt tool for pitch boys

Peab Asfaltti’s new Lännen 8800M is the most recent continuation to a trend that kicked off several decades earlier. Varying asphalt paving sites and the challenges posed by an urban environment require a great deal from the machine, but a modern multipurpose machine is able to meet these requirements increasingly well.

It is the middle of a very active summer weekday near the centre of Kuopio. It is well-known that the capital of Savonia never sleeps even during the day, and although we are slightly farther away from the hustle and bustle of the marketplace, a sufficient number of customers have also found their way to the side street. This does not worry Peab Asfaltti’s Jari Oravainen, who has operated various machines during his 23-year career in asphalt work and who is currently grinding a groove into the street pavement.

Each time a passer-by wishes to pass by the worksite or reverse their car out of their parking spot, Oravainen interrupts his work and moves himself and the new Lännen 8800M multipurpose machine to a suitable place to wait. After all, the comfortable and efficient machine allows work to sometimes be carried out in shorter bits without the overall process suffering. Let’s take advantage of a couple of these waiting moments and ask Jari a little about matters related to the Lännen multipurpose machine.

Jari Oravainen in Lännen 8800M multipurpose backhoe loader

Jari Oravainen from Peab Asfalt played a key role in the machine’s procurement process, as he is also the machine’s only operator. In other words, his views and experience specifically were given importance from the get-go.


More than a few decades of work with pavement

Oravainen says that he started working for Lemminkäinen, the predecessor of his current employer, a little over 20 years ago and has been happy to continue doing the same work since then – and under Peab’s flag since 2020.

- Lännen 740 was the first machine of this type, and even back then one of its strengths was the machine’s mobility. We move about a lot when working here in the Kuopio area, and backhoe loaders were already facilitating that side of work back in the day, Jari recalls.

- Today, the range of equipment available for these machines has expanded, but back then we mostly used buckets and an asphalt cutter, that pizza wheel mode,” he continues.

Now, looking at the latest machine, much has changed over the years, not only in the tools used but also in the overall set of equipment, in which one machine does many jobs. However, the principle remains unchanged both in the operations and in the equipment’s use. In asphalting, the latter means that the locations change often, and in practice the Lännen multipurpose machine is assigned work continuously during the busy season.

-Compared to the previous 8600G Premium, the top speed is now faster, 50 kilometres an hour, and it shows. In the city, you can keep up with the traffic nicely and also make it farther away. The work locations are spread out widely across this area, and we drive to them as often as is sensible. If we need to travel a distance of over 20 kilometres, then we usually use a carrier, Jari says.

Customised hydraulics do not lose speed

The work locations where this machine is used usually require slightly more special capabilities. In other words, the more challenging the asphalting site, the more likely that the Lännen multipurpose machine will be called to the location. The level of challenge can be measured based on the site’s physical characteristics or the time pressure, i.e. the duration of interruptions in traffic, for example.

Common asphalting sites for this machine include ramps, small and medium-sized yards, streets, downtown areas and, of course, various cable and pipe worksites. Traffic is often busy, with a lot going on in the surrounding area, and the construction site should not cause a major disruption. For this reason, the latest machine is thoroughly customised to be an apt tool that is as safe and efficient as possible.

In other words, the more challenging the asphalting site, the more likely that the Lännen multipurpose machine will be called to the location.

Peab Asfaltti Oy’s Production and Fleet Director Juha Mäkiaho says that the Lännen multipurpose machine, which replaces several machines and can be easily transported from site to site, is excellently suited for this particular region.

- We have certain municipalities in which a multipurpose machine is a must, he states.

-And, of course, another great strength of this type of machine is a versatile and capable operator who not only carries out the work but is also able to sell new work when people see the machine working, become interested and come and ask questions, Mäkiaho continues.

For this reason, the machine is implemented strictly on the operator’s terms.

Lännen 8800M -multipurpose machine grinding asphalt

Made for this purpose

- This is now the third machine in a row that is fully customised for us at the factory, Jari Oravainen says.

The operator also played a key role in the machine’s procurement process, as he is also the machine’s only operator. In other words, his views and experience specifically were given importance from the get-go.

- We have reviewed everything in detail with Lännen seller Hannu Siukkola and the factory, including how and in what manner the machine will be built. For example, the hydraulics have been enhanced, there is an extra valve for the hammer line to supply the grinder with as much power as possible, Jari says.

- And now we have plenty of power. We supply the grinder with many litres, which it requires. Although the grinder does not rotate at a high rotational speed, it does demand a high output and torque. The increase has been considerable.

Oravainen also praises the manageability of the hydraulics.

- Everything can be adjusted, and doing so is also easy thanks to that new user interface and screen. So I do make adjustments, Jari says.

- For example, programming the grinder to have a soft and flexible start-up is very easy.

Lännen 8800M multifunction machine is very suitable for heavy work in the city

For long days and night-time work

The equipment available for the machine is also very comprehensive, and Oravainen points out that everything came directly from the factory.

- As a machine, this new addition to the M series has a very finished feel from the get-go. That screen, the control equipment, the dark interior decor and so on. The complete machine also had a Dynaset vibration pump, an RST-Steel roof light bar, sufficient safety and warning lights, tinted glass, a player with separate bass elements, and three cameras with screens in the front and back, as well as a light special colour covered with varnish, Jari lists.

Juha Mäkiaho also praises not only the good Finnish quality of the machines but also the after-sales service.

- The machine itself is good, but the way that after-sales service is handled is always a plus. Everything has always gone over great with Lännen Tractors.

- This machine has once again evolved greatly, and work comfort has increased further. The cabin is also very quiet, and there is no engine noise outside either, even though you have to keep the grinder’s rpm high, Oravainen remarks in conclusion.

And speaking of which, it seems that it is time to continue grinding, as the season extending from April to November is at its busiest right now. It would not be good for work to stall because of us – it certainly would not seem to stall because of the machine and the operator.

Lännen 8800M multipurpose backhoe loader

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