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Doing right things in Loimaa

Doing right things in Loimaa

Janne Mattsson has worked in the metal industry for a long time. Roughly three last years, he has been operating the machine tools at the chassis plant of Lännen Tractors.

For natural reasons, every employee has a slightly different career path, so how did Janne's path lead to Lännen Tractors?

– I used to work as an edging machine operator in another company for seven years, but then they took the edging machine away and I was moved to the welding shop, says Janne.

– Over time, I realized that welding probably isn't my cup of tea and I decided to try machining instead, he continues.

At this stage, the Loimaa unit of Novida, an educational association in southwestern Finland, came into play.

– I started to look for a place of study with a possibility for an apprenticeship. I found out that there’s one here in Loimaa offering courses in machining. I submitted an application, and in the next phase, they asked me to demonstrate my welding and edging skills in practice. My old grades from vocational school and work certificates didn’t matter, Janne remembers.

To sign up for an apprenticeship agreement, you must be motivated and have practical experience in the industry. On these grounds, Janne was approved. After that, he had to find a workplace where he could serve his apprenticeship.

– Suddenly, all the pieces fell into place. Since Janne's wife at the same time was studying to be a practical nurse, the couple decided to move to Loimaa. Then I noticed that there is a potential workplace nearby. I decided to drop in and ask about job opportunities at Lännen Tractors, says Janne.

– The application process was relatively painless - I drafted an application in free form and that was it, he laughs.

Janne started at Lännen Tractors in September 2017 and says he is still feeling very happy.

– There’s nothing really to complain about. I feel that is the place for me, and if you look at my co-workers, you'll see that the most common way to leave this company is to retire.

Janne works mainly at one of the three machining stations of the chassis plant. The factory is working in two shifts and in total six workers are operating the machine tools.

There’s nothing really to complain. I feel that is the place for me, and if you look at my co-workers, you'll see that the most common way to leave this company is to retire.”

– The work meets my expectations, and there’s nothing that annoys me here, Janne tells us with a smile.

– I'm eager to improve my professional skills further, and why not, continue my education here if I get a chance, Janne concludes.

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