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Pomarak - With Lännen machines since 1976

Pomarak - With Lännen machines since 1976

When a company is founded by acquiring a Lännen machine, it's no surprise that operations continue nearly five decades later. Pomarak Ltd's history has always included at least one Lännen machine, with the first one purchased in 1976.

The year 1976 defined the direction of Raino Hämeenniemi's life in Posio. However, the Lännen backhoe loader also played a role in it. 

- My parents had a farm, and it was time to consider who among the four brothers would continue farming and who would seek other jobs, recalls Raino Hämeenniemi. 

- One of the brothers stayed to run the farm, and the rest of us decided to continue with machinery work.

 There was a lot of digging of forest ditches at the time to drain swamps for the timber industry. 

-In 1976, my two brothers and I bought a new Lännen 355 Ukko-Mestari. It was a bold move to buy a brand-new excavator, but there was no limit to the amount of ditch you could dig. We dug hundreds of kilometers of ditch with the backhoe loader every year,  Hämeenniemi explains. 

- It kept bread on the table, he recalls in 2024.

A few years later, they transitioned from ditching to line construction. Telephone and power lines were being extended further into northern Finland, requiring both workers and machinery. Electricity companies and the former Post and Telecommunications Administration also employed Hämeenniemi. And he hasn't switched careers since then.

To this day, work is done not only for local power companies but also for Telia. They have also returned to familiar places. 

- I've dismantled many lines that I initially installed, Raino says.


One thing about Pomarak Ltd's operations has remained unchanged for years - the trust in Lännen machines. While many brands have been purchased in other excavating equipment, no alternative has been sought for the Lännen multipurpose machine. For Raino Hämeenniemi, Länkkäri is number one.


Lännen is number one!

The work has changed somewhat over the years, with additions such as building weatherproof networks instead of overhead lines, the increasing use of fiber optic cables, and the construction of electric vehicle charging stations. 

-Electricity is always needed, and it's only increasing. Data networks also need builders. And there's still plenty of demolition work for the time being, Raino reflects. 

One thing that hasn't changed for Pomarak Ltd over the years is their trust in Lännen machines. Although they have purchased many brands of other excavation equipment, they have never considered alternatives to Lännen.
-Lännen is number one, no matter what others say, Raino concludes.


- Reliability, availability, and domestic production are decisive factors. I can't quickly count how many we've had in total, but it's been over a dozen easily, he adds.

Over the years, Pomarak's Lännen machines have always been purchased slightly used, with around 2000-3000 hours of use. 

"The Lännen is number one, let others say what they will."

-The first Ukko-Mestari was new, but since then, we've bought them slightly used. You can safely buy a used Lännen, although finding one with low hours isn't easy, Hämeenniemi notes. 

- You have to plan the purchase with a long-term perspective, and the decision has to be made very quickly when you find a suitable one, Raino explains.


Pomarak's Lännen 8800K and 8600K multifunctional machines are in active use. The machines are serviced by our own skilled service staff in our own workshop, but if necessary, assistance is always available from the factory.



Help from Lännen Tractors is always available

Currently, they are actively using Lännen 8800K and 8600K models. Both have a personnel lifting attachment, which is almost essential in line construction

-It was one of those revolutionary things when you suddenly could lift a pole with a man on it. Other similar options were the crab bucket and these bucket rotators, Raino Hämeenniemi lists.

Maintenance of the equipment is done in their workshop, except for crane inspections. They rely not only on their skilled maintenance staff but also on external assistance when needed. According to Raino, the Lännen organization is an excellent example of effective support, even though maintenance is not officially performed by an authorized dealer in their own workshop. 

-You can get help from the factory very readily. They are happy to advise, and they have plenty of knowledge, he appreciates.


In Pomarak Oy's machines reliability of use, operational reliability, and domesticity are key. 


No two without three?

Jani Engelberg operates the 8800K Lännen multipurpose machine, and currently, they were working on a pole-setting project north of Rovaniemi. Jani has also been driving Lännen since the C10-4 and 200 generations, even owning a Lännen at one point.
- It was already a little boy's dream back then, and now it's what I do for a living, he laughs. 

-Lännen is the best machine for pole work. It's a powerful machine that's good for lifting poles. It progresses even in tough places, and this used machine purchased from Lännen Tractors has served us well, he summarizes. 

- It would be great if you could use the crane to lift transformer poles. Maybe in the future, he continues.

The work continues at this site, but Raino Hämeenniemi's long career with Lännen machines has also left a tangible mark on his leisure time. 

- There's still a third Lännen machine, he surprises by revealing. 

- At home, there's a fully restored Lännen 940 Green Line used as a snowplow. After earning a living with these since 1976, you have to have at least one as an eye candy, Hämeenniemi smiles in conclusion. 

- These machine jobs are in my blood. I wouldn't trade a single day of it, he declares. And it seems to involve a certain machinery brand too.


Jani Engelberg is the driver of the Lännen 8800K multipurpose machine, and this time the job was a pile-driving job in the northern part of Rovaniemi. According to Jani, the Lännen is the best machine for pole work. It's a powerful machine that moves forward even in bad places and is good at lifting poles. 



The multipurpose Lännen excavator-loader with Lännen Line Systems is a smart and versatile solution for overhead and underground cabling. One multipurpose Lännen line machine can handle the tasks of several machines and people in network construction, dismantling, and maintenance work, regardless of seasonal and terrain conditions.

Lännen is the perfect choice for the new construction and maintenance of electricity and telecommunications networks, and for the prevention and repairing of storm damage and disruptions to distribution.

Read more about Lännen multifunctional machines in network construction.

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