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The production of Lundberg will move from Skellefteå in Sweden to Loimaa, Finland

The production of Lundberg will move from Skellefteå in Sweden to Loimaa, Finland

Lännen MCE Group has decided to remove the production of Lundberg multipurpose machines from Skellefteå in Sweden to the Group’s main factory Loimaa in Finland. The reason behind the transfer of manufacturing is the growing business volumes in multipurpose machines. At the same time, the industrial structure of the LMCE group is being renewed. The centralization of operations increases the production capacity of the Loimaa factory and is a response to the growing international demand for the group's own products as well as contract manufacturing products.

The transfer of the production of Lundberg multipurpose machines to Loimaa will take place in stages over the next few months. After the transfer, LMCE Group will continue their industrial operations in Skellefteå in the form of subassemblies.

The demand for Lundberg multipurpose machines has been growing strongly in the Nordic countries in recent years, and the order backlog for the machines is at a record high. The transfer of manufacturing to Loimaa requires investments and additional recruitment of personnel, some of which have already been done during the recent months. However, additional recruitments are still underway, e.g. related to production and product development.

- Since last year, we have been exploring options to meet the growing demand for our Lundberg product family on the market. We explored options for relocating our current factory in Skellefteå in the town, as well as an option for moving production to Loimaa. In this comparison, the Loimaa factory turned out to be the most competitive solution, as we already manufacture our Lännen, Meclift and Watermaster products there, says LMCE Group CEO Timo Huttunen

The transfer of manufacturing has no effect on the sales and after market functions and channels of Lundberg environmental care machines. The same former Lundberg salespeople and contract service partners will continue to be the customers' contact persons.

For additional information, please refer to:

Mr. Arto Iivonen
Head of production
tel +358207612200

Mr. Timo Huttunen
President & CEO
tel +358207612201

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