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Appointment at the LMCE Group

Appointment at the LMCE Group

M.Sc (Tech), B.Sc (Econ) Jari Nevalainen has been appointed as the Head of Lännen-Lundberg business line as the LMCE Group. Jari was a long term CEO for publicly listed Kesla Group, and has worked as the operative director for Hankkija’s (Danish Agro) machine and equipment business, and lately as the CEO of an industrial cleaner company Aqua Clean Oy.

Jari Nevalainen was employed by the LMCE Group as of 5th October 2020. At the same time Jari Nevalainen became a member of the Management Team of the LMCE Group and he reports to CEO Timo Huttunen.

LMCE Board of Directors have selected Timo Huttunen as the Chairman of the Board. The other members of the Board of Directors are: Antti Kalliola, Lauri Kalliola, Matti Meltti and Ari Virtanen.

The Management Team of the LMCE Group consist of Janne Heinonen, Head of Watermaster, Jari Nevalainen, Head of Lännen-Lundberg, Jouko Paalanen, Factory Director and Marke Tyrväinen, CFO and HR Director and as the Chairman of the Board Timo Huttunen.

More information:

Jari Nevalainen, tel. +358 40 830 7750
Timo Huttunen, tel. +358 50 517 5508

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