Lannen 8600K Premium

Need more power than your regular backhoe loader can provide? Lännen 8600K Premium is a powerful multipurpose backhoe loader with a PowerShift transmission, which allows to change gears on the run and under various loads.

8600K Premium is equipped with the bigger wheels and a larger and more powerful loader than the base model. An ideal machine for diverse operations requiring an efficient and high lifting loader.

Lannen 8600K Premium

Main features


Agile and stabile

Articulated steering with 42° steering angle and the frame oscillation of ± 400 mm provide high levels of agility, maneuverability and off-road capability.

High ground clearance, differential locks on the axles, hydrostatic transmission, as well as automatic frame oscillation control system AOC guarantee excellent and precisely controlled mobility and stability even in the roughest terrain.


Comfortable and easy to operate

The operator-friendly cabin is comfortable, spacious and low-noise. A high capacity heater and climate control ensures a pleasant working temperature throughout the whole year.

Excellent all-round visibility and ergonomics enable easy and safe control of the machine:

  •  a height-adjustable steering column with two-points articulation
  • an armrest mounted control panel
  • easy-to-adjust, sturdy armrests
  • unobstructed swivel of the seat.

Powerful and economical

The most powerful and economical machine on the market in its weight class. The low-emission Agco Power diesel engines comply with Stage IV emission requirements.

The wide range of maximum torque makes it possible to work effectively and economically even at low revolutions. This saves on fuel and reduces the noise level.


Effective and versatile hydraulics

Powerful, high-lifting loader for effective material handling and loading. The long-reach backhoe has a wide working range, high digging and lifting forces, and excellent slewing torque.

A load sensing, effective and fully adjustable operation hydraulics enable precise, safe and economical use of wide range of robust and powerful work attachments.



We design machines for your ease-of-use and with effectiveness in mind. One multipurpose Lännen is capable of tasks which traditionally have required several machine types to accomplish.

Lännen's solid, heavy-duty structure, powerful and versatile hydraulic system make it possible to use a wide range of robust and powerful work attachments on both the loader and backhoe. In addition, the backhoe unit is detachable and it can be replaced with a rear tool carrier equipment and several work tools.


Settings for tasks, attachments or operators can be saved via display for quick recall. Multitasking with work tools attached to both the loader and backhoe, or carrying out successive tasks with a single set of work tools simply by changing the driving direction multiplies the versatility and productivity of Lännen to a completely unbeatable level.



The multipurpose Lännen provides smart productivity through first-class versatility and mobility.

With Lännen, you can cover a wide variety of applications throughout the year. It is smooth and safe to drive both on the roughest terrain and on the highway, as well as in densely populated areas and confined spaces.

The excellent overall economy of Lännen is a part of our high contribution to a sustainable development. With multipurpose Lännen, you can achieve more with less.


Technical information: Lännen 8600K Premium

  • Engine

    • 4-cylinder, turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine, Stage IV Agco Power 44 AWF
      Displacement 4,4 l
      Output 106 (145) kW (hp) / 1900 rpm
      Torque (max.) 580 Nm / 1500 rpm
      Torque (/ 1000 rpm) 575 Nm
      Capacity of the fuel tank 150 l
      Capacity of the AdBlue tank 40 l
  • Electric appliances

    • Alternator with a multi-groove flat belt and automatic tightening 24V / 100 Ah
      Starter 4,5 kW
      Batteries (under the cabin, easy to maintain) 2 x 170 Ah  
      Electric engine heater 1100 W
  • Axles

    • ZF axles, automatic friction locks in the front and rear axles. A 100 % gear lock, which can be switched on even while the drive is on, is available as an option.  
      Frame oscillation ± 400 mm
      Automatic Oscillation Control System AOC  
  • Transmission and gearbox

    • Drive controls both in the front and rear as standard
      Hydrostatic transmission, 4-wheel drive Range gearbox, 2-stage Power Shift, electric control
      Drive speed forward/reverse  
      1. gear 0…10 km/h
      2. gear 0…46 km/h
  • Wheels

    • Front and rear tyres 580/65B34 Nokian TRI/TL
      RIM DW20-34, reinforced by flanging, valve guards  
  • Brakes

    • Oil pressure operated brakes in oil bath on the front and rear  
      Parking brake Range gearbox operates as parking brake,  electric control.
  • Steering

    • Hydrostatic LS Orbitrol steering  
      Steering angle of the articulated joint ± 42°
      Turning radius from the centre of the tyre 5,25 m
      Steering is also possible via the left control lever  
  • Hydraulics

    • Danfoss valves, verstile and precise control systems  
      Variable displacement axial piston pump, max. flow 252 l/min
      Electric output power control available as an option  
      Max operating pressure (normal/turbo hydraulics) 225 bar / 245 bar
      Filling capacity of the hydraulic system 220 l
  • Cabin

    • ROPS and FOPS tested  
      Noise level LpA / LWA   67,5 dBA / 101,5 dBA

      The working environment of the operator is spacious and low-noise with excellent all-round visibility. The ergonomic, operator-friendly cabin is comfortable, and it enables the operator to control the machine easily and safely. Its high capacity heater and climate control ensures a pleasant working temperature throughout the whole year.

      Steering column, with two articulated joints and height adjustment, provides a pleasant driving position, and can, as required, be turned out of the way to the front. The seat swivels freely, and its sturdy armrests are easy to adjust for operators of different sizes and varying operating habits.

      The control panel, which is located beside the armrest, includes the switches for the most important functions of the machine. The cabin can be hydraulically tipped in two stages with a manually operated pump for easy service access.

  • Front loader

    • Mechanical self-leveling, position indicator for the bucket.  
      Operating pressure (normal/turbo hydraulics)  225 bar / 245 bar
      Lifting force at the lowest position (normal/turbo hydraulics) 7000 kp / 7500 kp
      Lifting force at the highest position (normal/turbo hydraulics) 5300 kp / 5600 kp
      Loading height (bottom of the level bucket) 3790 mm
      Recommended bucket volume (depending on the density of the material being loaded) SAE 1900 l 
  • Backhoe unit

    • Knuckle boom, straight backhoe available as an option  
      Operating pressure (normal/turbo hydraulics)  225 bar / 245 bar
      Digging reach 6410 mm
      Digging depth 4450 mm
      Loading height (bottom of the level bucket) 3910 mm
      Swing angle of the backhoe 181 + 54°
      Lifting force at max. reach (normal/turbo hydraulics) 1600 kp / 1750 kp
      Slewing torque 4320 kpm
      Recommended bucket volume SAE 410 l
  • Main dimensions

    • Lenght/width 9300 mm / 2604 mm
      Cabin height/backhoe height 3200 mm / 4340mm
      Ground clearance 510 mm
      Weight (without buckets and depending on the configuration) ca. 12 300 kg

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